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Do You Primarily Offer Photography or Videography Service? 


At WANTONG Studio, we offer both  videography and photography services. We sometimes do offer Photo/Video packages that include a fixed number of photo shoot and professional video filming+editing. Check out our service page for the special offer of the season or Subscribe to get our newest updates. 

What Is The Procedure Of Filming At WANTONG Studio?

We expect our clients to request a quote after browsing our works and going through our services page. Once you accept the Quote we send you, an invoice with 50% of the price will be delivered to you. We will start to prepare your project starting with sending you a specific Questionnaire regarding your shooting requirements after the deposit is made. You will be able to book a meetup session with us to discuss production details after submitting your form, Agreement needs to be signed after, and we will follow up with you by sending a list of preparation notes before the date.  Then it's the time to shine!!! (Rest of the payment due upon the day that the first draft gets delivered). More details can be found at TERMS & CONDITIONS

What If I Have A Video/Photo Need That Doesn't Fit Your Categories?

For inquiries on any services in general, feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


I Don't See A Time Slot For Meetup That Fits My Schedule.

We save some time slots for customers with extra needs, please don't be hesitant to contact us if you have anything in mind. 


Do You Own Gear Or Do You Rent?

We have our own gear covering most photography/videography needs. We also rent additional equipment if anything is required, extra cost will be added to the Invoice. 

What Are Your Cost Rates?

The cost rates can be found on our Service page, an amount of cost for your project is always depending on several factors:

– how many hours/days of services are needed?

– is it a need for filming or video editing or both?

– how much gear is involved?

– where the filming location is? 

– what is the video editing required, how simple or complex? 

– Are there any extra cost?

Request a quote today and we can discuss your project cost from there. 

Do You Offer A Discount?

We do offer promotion sales depending on the season or our emotions. Check out our Special Offer on the service page or subscribe to get the up-to-date newsletter from us. 

Do You Have A Minimum Rate?

Yes, we normally require the video filming project with a minimum of two hours session which includes one camera + operator + filming time/setup time(one hour). Check out our Special Offer on the service page to see the deal of today. Any extra hours or gear will increase the production value and therefore the cost of the Project.


Why Do We Sign Agreement/Contracts?

To protect the Client and our Videographer. Contracts ensure requirements and goals are clearly communicated and documented between the two parties, as well as provide legal peace of mind in exceptional circumstances.

Do You Offer 4K or Slow-motion?

We offer content in both 4k and slow-motion at 1080p/120fps or 4K/120fps.

What Areas And Cities Do You Service?

We operate in British Columbia, mainly in the Greater Vancouver Area. However, for Projects covering travel expenses and accommodations, we offer our services anywhere in North America & Asia.

Do You Offer A Single Photographer/Videographer Or A Production Crew?

Our photographer/videographer is primarily a solo entrepreneur when it comes to personal projects or small business projects which means they can follow up from the setting to editing. We have connections with other professional Videographers that can assemble a team to service larger Projects as we always do. 

Do You Offer Discounts For Non-profits?

Sometimes, feel free to contact us and inquire about a discount for your particular video needs.

Wedding special

How Do You Provide Wedding Videography Services? How Many Cameras Do we Need?

A single-camera might not provide all of the angles and shots that you will need to capture. Within any given area on the day of a wedding, a number of things are happening. Our job is to record all of these things, all at once. Thus, we offer a single camera with a single operator for a tiny size wedding, and, we strongly recommend you consider having more than one camera at a wedding venue or having more than one operator if needed. Contact us for Wedding packages we offer at Kidultknows Media. 


Why Do You Offer A Single Shooter For A Wedding?

Filming weddings solo is pretty tough, but we enjoy it. Our videographer/photographer prefers filming along since we treat every piece of our work as a creative art piece. We'd love to be involved deeply with each step of the whole process, especially for wedding film. Working solo gives us the full control over it, from the beginning to the final edition. We first have to know your story, then we know how to tell it. 

How Are You Able to Film Weddings Solo?

Organization. We spend plenty of time preparing for the day of the shoot that insures it will proceed flawlessly. Our thoughtful wedding Questionnaire helps us to get to know you, your wedding, your needs for the special moment. 

Relationship-building. Our videographer communicates with all the groups at the wedding, wedding party, the DJ, the Wedding planner, photographer( if not provided by us), before the day comes and only before the wedding start. 

Significant plan. We plan in advance for recording the most important part of the wedding, the ceremony, and the speech.

How Will You Approach Filming Our Wedding?

While our style is cinematic and nuanced, our approach on wedding days is comfortable and collaborative. We are capturing the eal moments as a viewer, observer. We encourage you to be present while collaborating seamlessly with your photographer each step of the way. By the time we sit down to edit, we know your story, your personality, and your values. That insight and intuition inform every editing choice we make.

Do You Record The Audio For The Ceremony & Speeches?

Yes! We record the audio for the ceremony and the speeches. 


Do You Put A Lav Mic On Both The Groom And The Bride?

No, we've found it works much better to put a Lav mic on only the groom. This Lav mic is able to pick up the audio from both the bride and groom during the ceremony at a clear crisp quality. We also throw a lav mic on the officiant as a backup.

Will You Get In The Way A Lot? 

No way! We do our best to blend in on your special day. We don’t setup tripods in the middle of the aisle or leave piles of gear all over the place. We’re super organized and basically invisible.

Do We Get To Meet You Before The Wedding?

We definitely will set a time to meet before the wedding! If you live pretty close to where we’re located, we’d love to meet in person before the wedding day, Otherwise, we will setup a video chat to go over details and get to know you both before the day.



How Long After The Wedding Do I Get My Base Film?

This can vary, normally our turnaround time is 3-5 weeks for the first draft and 4-6 weeks for everything else. You can always expect your films on time. It could get a lot quicker, depends on where in the year your wedding lands and the amount of backlog we have. We do offer "in hurry" services with extra charge if you need your film in a very short term. 


What Happens If You Get Sick And Can’t Make It?

Now if this were to happen for some reason, we’d contact you right away and see if we could find a fitting replacement last minute. You’d get a full refund if this happens within 1 day of the wedding day, plus all the help we could provide to make sure you’re all good.


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