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Great picture talks.

Good video gives wings to a story.

We believe that everyone is their own hero,

They all have a journey that is more colorful than the eye can see,

It is worth thousands of words, in their special period of time.

At WANTONG Studio, we provide professional Photo&Video services for companies and individuals. We help them to build their image, promote their product, enlarge their business with our 20 years of experience in production.

We love beautiful things. 

We love people.

We love capturing moments with the camera.

We create stories for each shooting,  either with a set of photos, or a series of videos. We have successfully helped hundreds of brands get their name known worldwide.

Contact us today, and start your journey from here.



Hammer Production
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"Hammer Liu 曾经给本人拍摄过一系列纪录片和广告短片, 比如耐克纪录片《炼》,《薪火阵营》。他是一位优秀的纪录片导演。"

Yi Jianlian / NBA Basketball Player

“I am delighted to recommend you an outstanding director and creative mind:Mr Liu Feng. I have known Mr. Liu since 2005 when I hired him in my role as ECD into Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai to build our internal film department. He became very soon the leader and mentor for new Chinese talents and was able to grow the department into a valuable and reliable production partner for one of our biggest clients, Nike China"

Frank Hahn / Group Creative Director 

Hammer is a great photographer not only because of his great skills but also because that he is talented in exploring the emotion, thoughts and experience of the people. Then he brings them all into life on the picture. 

Flora Yang, Author

Thank you so much, Hammer and Niki! You have magically captured all the beautiful moments of our wedding ceremony! It was really a pleasure to work with you! 


I am so impressed with the interviewing and filming Hammer has done!

Sara, Regional Executive Director

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